Market Details

Department Functions :

MMIC : Smt. Sima Naskar

Officer : Sri Prithish Roy , (E.E.) Sri Nalinaksha Chatterjee , (A.E.)

Contact No. : 8232909848, 8232909844

Number of Works(Month wise) :

Hargung Market

Address: 28, Sree Arobindo Road, Salkia, Howrah
Ward No:5
Description Measurement
Area of Market 4 Bigha, 17 Katha, 13 Chhattak.(7 Katha is out of Acquisition)
Fixed Stall(FS) at ground floor 302 nos
Monthly Stall (MS) at ground floor 108 nos
Monthly Room(MR) at ground floor 188 nos
Total of stall and room at ground floor 598 nos
Monthly Demand(FS+MS+MR) Rs.66,200.00 per month
Daily Vender at ground floor
Collection Rate from daily vender @ Rs.5/head/daily
Average Electric Point (For light and fan) 300 to 335 nos
Collection Rate @ Rs. 5/day/point/month around Rs. 45000 to 50000
Total monthly demand (6+8+10)
Average collection per month Rs. 125000
Collection daily submitted at United Bank of India A/C No 258175 and 5946
Toilets(B-Block, GR-1 no & 1st floor 2 nos, ; A- Block) Gr. - 3nos. & 1st floor 1 no.
Tariff of rent

Sarat Katra Market

Address: 440, G.T. Road, Shibpur, Howrah
Ward No:35
Description Measurement
Area of Market 4 Katha 7 Chatak
Total no. of tenant 23 nos.
Monthly Demand Rs. 2296.00/month
Tariff of rent

Howrah Stadium Market

Address: 5, M.G Road, Howrah-711101
Ward No:29
Description Measurement
Area of Market 1 Bigha 4 Katha approx.
No. of tenants 27 nos
Monthly Demand Rs.44961.00
Tariff of rent Rs2/sq.ft for super built area & Rs1/-per sq.ft. for service area
Bank of India(Howrah Branch) for submission of monthly rent A/C No:-400920100005005

Super Market

Address: 72, Danesh Sk. Lane, Howrah - 711109
Ward No:39
Description Measurement
Area of Market 15 Katha 8 Chatak
Room 53 nos.
Outer room 4 nos.
Veg Stall 34 nos.
Fish Stall 18 nos.
Total Shop and Stall 109 nos.
Monthly demand Rs. 14953.00 per month
Average Collection Rs. 10000.00 per month
Daily Vender
Collection from daily vendor @ Rs.5/day/head
Sweeper 2 nos.
Darwan 1 nos.