Mayor's Desk

I, Dr. Rathin Chakravarty, as a general physician would feel most complete when a patient, having critical disease, gets completely cured under medication. It gives an unbridled joy and a sense of achievement which cannot be expressed in terms of any material or financial gain.

Likewise, Howrah, the city of my birth, the city which has given me so much right from when I had set off on my life's journey had long fallen into the hands of a chronic ailment, the ailment of neglect.

I, as a citizen of this town had a long standing desire to do something, in my way, so as to pay back to my city. This hidden wise of mine was truly rewarded when our Hon'ble Chief Minister, our beloved Didi, had bequeathed her faith on me, by offering me the prestigious post of the First Citizen of my hometown.

Since then our journey to cure Howrah from its ailment of despair, of neglect, began bit by bit. My dream is to bring back the former glory of Howrah. To give the people adequate lighting, sufficient drinking water in every household, smooth and wide roads, efficient waste management. Efficient waste management means both cleaning on a regular basis and also the efficient end use of the solid waste generated. In this regard we have planned for an ambitious project of waste-to-electricity generation.

Our future plans include decentralization of License and building plan sanction through Borough office levels, online application for various Municipal Services and online birth death certificate generation and most important, e-payment of various taxes and fees for a hassle free stay to the citizens.

As a first step of our online initiative, we hereby start the website of the city.